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Projects undertaken on the following basis:

Fully Managed Education Businesses with High ROI :

           Education is one of the most important and increasingly growing sectors in India, and there is an immense scope of investment opportunity in this segment. With the country moving forward as a developing nation, education is being given primary importance, and Investors are eager to invest in education programs in India. Through us, you too have a tremendous opportunity, to benefit from investing in an educational institution. We have sufficient market knowledge in this field, to enable you in investing in a budding institute, which brings high profits to your investment.

Education Businesses with High ROI | Returns on Investment in Higher Education

           To meet today’s demand of an elite lifestyle, as well as revolutionary style of education; most of the institutions have adopted a glamorous and fun approach to educating children. Keeping in mind this new trend, our education investment portfolio includes Futuristic Theme Playschools, Day Boarding Boutique Schools, Week Boarding Schools, Full Residential Premium School, Futuristic College, Luxury College Group, Smart Tuition Centers, and Entrance exam preparative institutions.

           According to the recent information from BBC and various other sources on the web, In India the total investment/expenditure on education a few years back was 778.5 billion rupees equivalent to 4.11% GDP. The investment in this segment has been consistently multiplying over the last 2-3 years and is immensely profitable.

Futuristic Theme Playschools

Futuristic Theme Playschools – In this fast age, people like to send their children to playschools as there they receive a core concept blended with fun .This is undoubtedly a nice sector to invest and benefit from. We can help you to invest in high end and stand alone playschools in India.

* Best Futuristic Theme Playschool Projects

* Projects on Fully Managed Basis

* Futuristic Theme Playschool Investments

* Turnkey Futuristic Theme Playschool Projects

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Day Boarding Boutique Schools

Day Boarding Boutique Schools – These schools are imbibed with high end designs and luxurious elements. They can also be based upon the themes like the Harry Potter's Hogwarts castle, etc. This new concept of schooling is for the convenience of the children .

* Best ROI Day Boarding Boutique School projects

* Business opportunities in school sector

* High return managed school projects

* Turnkey school projects

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Week Boarding Schools

Week Boarding Schools – Gone are the days when the schools were meant to provide just education and a few other minor facilities. This new trend of week boarding schools has eased the burden on the parents.

* Business opportunities in school sector

* Turnkey school projects

* Fully managed Week Boarding School businesses

* High return managed school projects

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Full Residential Premium Schools

Full Residential Premium Schools – The Residential areas are continuously multiplying and due to this, there is an increasing demand for the premium schools. People generally search out for a prestigious school near to their place.

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Futuristic College

Futuristic Luxury Colleges – The same old fashioned colleges have become boring and are not really advanced, thereby creating a higher scope for investment in the futuristic colleges. These colleges will be imbibed with hi-tech equipments and ultra modern facilities.

* Futuristic College Opportunity Investments

* Luxury College Projects on Fully Managed Basis

* Plan and Manage Futuristic Luxury College Projects

* Fully managed Futuristic Luxury College Projects

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Smart Tuition Centers

Smart Tuition Centers – Right guidance provided for the school subjects results out in building a strong foundation for the children's higher education. The modern tuition centers play an important deal to shape their future in the right form.

* High yield Smart Tuition Center Services

* Fully Managed Smart Tuition Center Businesses

* Smart Tuition Center Investment Opportunities

* High ROI Smart Tuition Centers to Invest in

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Entrance Exam Preparative Institutions

Entrance Exam Preparative Institutions – The parents are getting very conscious for their children's education these days and don't mind to spend huge bucks for their bright future, by getting them enrolled to entrance exam preparative courses.

* Fully Managed Projects

* Best Return on Investments

* Entrance Exam Preparative Institutions with best ROI

* Turnkey Entrance Exam Preparative Institutions

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Futomic Projects