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Projects undertaken on the following basis:

High Return Turnkey Futuristic Theme Playschool Projects :

High return futuristic theme playschool projects | Best Return on investment projects

            Futomic projects, Turnkey educational project consultant company, can help you to invest in high end and stand alone Futuristic Theme Playschools in India and abroad, which will surely return high profits on your investment. Our futuristic ideas fused with intense research work are the assurance for the success of these projects.

Such schools are the next level of the playschools and thus the investment in them is definitely a wise decision. The investment required in this sector ranges from 30,00,000 to 90,00,000 in INR. Go through the ROI graph to understand how profitable this business is. The maximum ROI that you can expect from this sector is 200% p.a. and the minimum is 50 % p.a. Undoubtedly, the locations play an important role for the success in this segment.

These schools have a terrific scope in the countries like Europe, America, Australia, etc. The metro cities like Bangalore, Delhi are offering good response to these schools. Category A cities like Dehradun, Bhuwaneshwar, Category B cities like Jalandhar, Gaya, Special towns like Trivandrum, Manali, etc are the the perfect areas to establish these playschools.

The owners of these schools have good possibility of owning a chain of them. If you ever thought to start such a business, we can make this dream of your come true .

Futomic Projects