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Projects undertaken on the following basis:

High Growth High ROI Smart Tuition Centers to invest in :

            This evergreen field of Smart Tuition Centers is consistently flourishing and undeniably can fetch you good returns on your investments. The availability of extremely talented tutors in the country has increased the numbers of such centers in our country and is subtly contributing in the growth of the country.

High growth Smart Tuition Centers | high ROI Smart Tuition Centers to invest in

This well-known sector is a good zone to invest in and the growth has been witnessed by all. The range of investment in this segment is from 25,00,000 to 1,50,00,000 in INR. The ROI graph can give you a good idea of the high amount of profit you can make per annum. The maximum ROI that you can expect from this sector is 200% p.a. and the minimum is 50 % p.a.

The metro cities like Kolkata, Delhi are the leaders in this sector and the category A towns like Ahmadabad, Chandigarh, the category B towns like Indore, Ambala, Nashik, the specialty towns like Dehradun, Manali, etc. are giving great competition.

There is a definite yes if we talk about the possibility of chain for the smart tuition centers. Commendable amount of revenue can be generated through the franchises of such educational institutes.

Futomic Projects