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Projects undertaken on the following basis:

Fully Managed Luxury Week Boarding School Businesses :

            Futomic projects has a far-going vision in this sector, which can definitely do wonders for your investments. Such schools function from Monday to Friday and thus the students can spend the weekends at their respective homes. These are definitely futuristic schools and thereby offer excellent opportunities for the investments.

Turnkey Full Residential Premium School project services

The amazing response which we have received from our work in this sector is an assurance for more of such projects to succeed. The range of investment in this segment is from 10,00,00,000 to 30,00,00,000 in INR. Go through the ROI graph to understand how much profit you can make from this business. The maximum ROI that you can expect from this sector is 100% p.a. and the minimum is 35 % p.a. This business can be established in the metro cities like Kolkata, Bangalore, etc for good returns. The other categories of locations where these projects can make good business are the category A towns like Pune, Ahmadabad, Chandigarh, the category B towns like Indore, Ambala, Nashik, the specialty towns like Goa, Manali, etc.

There is a definite yes if we talk about the possibility of chain for the Luxury Week Boarding School.

Futomic Projects