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Projects undertaken on the following basis:

High Growth High ROI Theme Bar & Lounge To Invest in :

            This business has been continuously attracting customers and thus is a highly trusted investment zone. The different creative ideas of ours can craft a niche for you in this competitive market, which would not be easy to match. This business is one of those which can give you excellent returns throughout the year.

High ROI Theme Bar & Lounge to invest in | High yield Theme Bar & Lounge services

The investment in this sector is undoubtedly a good move to make and assures fantastic growth. The range of investment in this segment is from 40,00,000 to 2,40,00,000 in INR. You can also start this project on fully managed basis with us and thereby allowing us to run it as well. The return on investment(ROI) which you can expect is maximum of 100% p.a. and a minimum of 35% p.a. We carry out proper research work to offer you the best locations to set up the theme bar & lounge. In India, the metro cities are the best investment locations for this sector. The category A towns like Chandigarh, pune, etc are also good areas to rely on.

The possibility of chain in this business is certainly high and an excellent amount of revenue can be generated from it.

According to a recent study by Technomic’s Bar TAB (Trends in Adult Beverage), the Top 100 Nightclub, lounge & Bar venues generated $1.5 billion of total revenue in 2013. More than two-thirds (68.2%) of operators who were surveyed, experienced revenue growth in 2012, and nearly two-thirds of them (31.4%) reported revenue growth in excess of 10%. Once again, the top lounge, nightclub and bar venues outperformed the overall industry. It was also witnessed that the bar and nightclub segment grew 3.9% in 2012. Through 2015, the industry is projected to continue experiencing competition from out-of–the-industry establishments such as restaurants as well as from the people who opt to drink at the home.

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