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High End Fully Managed Online Service Projects :

           Our intense and logic-based research work done on the KPO (Knowledge Process outsourcing) industry has helped our clients to make noticeable gains on their investments. We help the valuable money of our investors to take a flight in the Indian KPO market by providing them expert assistance throughout.

High end Online Service projects | Fully managed Online Service projects

        According to a survey, private tutoring is currently US$ 8 billion industry, out of which US$ 3 billion is contributed by e-tutoring KPO industry and is growing significantly at a rate of 12 percent per year.

           A recent market study states that India is well positioned to capture 70 percent market of the US$ 15 billion IT services KPO market, translating to the market size of US$ 12 billion. This development is a strong reason for making investment in this sector and an assurance for receiving magnificent returns from it.

E-Tutoring KPOs

E-Tutoring KPOs – This industry is making a huge business by just focusing on the simple concept of sharing knowledge and earning money. To invest in this growing sector is an assurance for impressive returns. E-tuitions overcome the constraints of time, space and money and thus act as a bridge.

* Exciting Business opportunities in E-Tutoring KPOs

* Turnkey E-Tutoring KPO projects consultancy

* E-Tutoring KPO investments

* Step by step E-Tutoring KPO management process

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IT Services KPOs

IT Services KPOs – The commendable amount of foreign investment that we are drawing to this industry is a live evidence for its growth. The highly competitive Information technology sector is witnessing an era of technological advancement.

* IT Services KPO projects

* Fully Managed IT Services KPO projects

* Best IT Services KPO projects to Invest in

* IT Services KPO opportunity investments

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Projects undertaken on the following basis:
Futomic Projects