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Projects undertaken on the following basis:

High ROI Fully Managed E-Tutoring KPO Projects :

            E-tuitions overcome the constraints of time, space and money and thus act as a bridge for the wide gap existing between the teachers and the learners. A number of people are getting involved in this online teaching business, thereby generating more and more opportunities for investment.

E-Tutoring KPO investments | Step by step E-Tutoring KPO management process

This sector is growing at a very fast rate and will definitely act as a catalyst for your insvestments in the future. The investment required in this sector ranges from 50,00,000 to 1,50,00,000 in INR. Go through the ROI graph to know more about this sector. The maximum ROI that you can expect from this sector is 300% p.a. and the minimum is 100 % p.a. This business can be established at all locations in India and can function for international companies/projects.

There is a very high possibility for chain in this segment.

The E-Tutoring KPO industry has tremendous potential for India due to the availibility of well trained teachers. The KPO sector in India employed around 25,000 people in 2003 and generated total business worth $720 million. By 2015, it is expected to be worth a $14 billion business employing 250,000 people in India (Evalueserve). The growth rate in this sector is very high, 45% in KPO as compared to 26% growth rate of BPO.

Futomic Projects