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Projects undertaken on the following basis:

High End fully Managed Real Estate Projects :

           Real estate investment involves the purchase, management, ownership, and sale of real estate for profit. Investment in real estate is one of the best ways to grow your wealth. Real estate prices have been constantly on the rise, for the past few years. Market slump has little or no effect on real estate prices. Massive amount of work is involved in locating properties in which to invest, and knowledge of availability of good properties is not easily available. We have abundant expertise in this field, and can offer you an organized and efficient method for identifying good properties, and help you in evaluating their prices.

High end Real estate projects | Fully managed Real estate projects

           Our real estate investment projects include High-Tech Builder Flats, Luxury Cottages, and Futuristic Mini Townships.

           According to the yearly survey of Indian real estate industry, it is estimated to be around US$ 16 billion and is continuously growing at compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30% currently. This good-to-invest segment can give you unbelievable gains through our knowledge and research.

High - Tech Builder Flats

High-Tech Builder Flats – The flats imbibed with high technology gadgets such as transparent TV, eclipse media player, orbital washing machine, bed radiator, ultra sonic wine ager refrigerator, etc are the most preferred nowadays. But to find out such flats is surely a tough task.

* High-Tech Builder Flat projects

* Turnkey High-Tech Builder Flat projects consultancy

* High return High-Tech Builder Flat options

* High-Tech Builder Flat investments

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Luxury Cottages

Luxury Cottages – The luxury cottages are designed with a motive to attract tourists/travelers and in the long run they can deliver good returns on your investments. These are mainly found in proximity to the nature and generally the tourists reserve these to make their holiday special and memorable.

* Luxury Cottage opportunity investments

* Best ROI Luxury Cottage projects

* Luxury Cottage projects on Fully Managed Basis

* Plan and Manage Luxury Cottage Projects

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Futuristic Mini Townships

Futuristic Mini Townships – The mini townships draw numerous investments these days due to the inclusion of various facilities like club house, gymnasium, health club, swimming pool, telephone with intercom facility, multi-purpose hall, children's play area, jogging track, tennis court, fire safety.

* Turnkey Futuristic Mini Township Projects

* High ROI Turnkey Futuristic Mini Township Projects

* Consultants for Futuristic Mini Township projects

* High end Futuristic Mini Township Projects

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Futomic Projects