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Projects undertaken on the following basis:

High Return Managed Turnkey Retail Business Opportunities :

           The retail industry consists of stores, individuals, and commercial complexes, which are involved in selling commodities to consumers. The retail sector has huge potential for growth. It has a vast number of high growth segments including, pharmaceuticals, groceries, furniture, home appliances, consumer durables, etc. We offer wonderful opportunities for investment in the retail sector, which will provide guaranteed high returns.

High return Retail business opportunities | Turnkey Retail business opportunities

           The flourishing Indian retail industry is estimated to be worth more than US$ 500 billion. In the terms of economic value, our retail market is considered to be one among the top. A commendable amount of growth can be witnessed in the Retail sector, not only in the major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, but also in the tier II and tier III cities.

           With our market-research based advice you get an opportunity to make terrific gains from this booming sector. According to the Union Minister for Food and Consumer Affairs, KV Thomas, by 2020 the Indian Retail market is expected to touch US$ 1.3 trillion from the existing US$ 500 billion. Therefore you can definitely get good returns by investing in this industry.

           Another important division of this industry is the online retail market, which is trending up due to the increasing contribution of the urban population. In the next few years around 30-40 percent of the retail market business will come from online market.

           If we look into the data provided by Wikipedia for the global top retailers, Walmart based in US generated revenue of US$ 421,849 million, Carrefour based in France generated revenue of US$ 121,519 million, Tesco based in UK generated revenue of US$ 94,244 million, in 2010.This information can give you an idea for how further our Indian retail industry has to go and what amount of profit you can make.

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